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Download The New B.GOOD App!

Download our mobile app to earn rewards for visits and stay up to date with everything B.GOOD. Get a FREE side when you download!



Order on the app, online, or by scanning your QR code in store.

Earn 1 point for every $1.

Redeem your free eats or donate to one of our 25+ community partners.

*Rewards program varies for catering orders. See Catering Rewards FAQs for more details.


50 Points
get a free side or beverage

75 Points
get a free smoothie

100 Points
get a free entrée


Free side when you sign up and free meal on your birthday

Flag menu items based on your dietary needs

Unlock rewards faster with double point days and exclusive offers.


Why did you launch a new loyalty program?
We launched B.GOOD Rewards to give you a straightforward and effortless way to earn points for dining with us, and the flexibility to redeem rewards when and how you want.
How do I earn points?
It couldn’t be easier. Once you sign-up for B.GOOD Rewards, you earn one point for each dollar spent whenever you order online or via the B.GOOD app, or when you scan your QR code in-store. Find your QR code under the “My Rewards” home screen.

It couldn’t be easier. Once you sign-up for B.GOOD Rewards, you earn one point for each dollar spent whenever you order online or via the B.GOOD app, or when you scan your QR code in-store. Find your QR code under the “My Rewards” home screen.

How is this different than before?
This is an exciting change from our previous surprise and delight loyalty program. Rather than offering rewards at unexpected times, B.GOOD Rewards allows you to know exactly how many more points you need to unlock a reward at any time. But fear not – there will still be a surprise element with double point days, exclusive offers and more.
What are the benefits of the new loyalty program?
Get rewarded faster, redeem rewards more frequently and know exactly how many points away you are from a reward at any given time. What’s better than that? You have the choice of using your rewards for free food or donating them back to one of our 25+ community partners. It’s an all-around win – one that you have control over and visibility into at all times.
Is there anything I get for joining?
You’ll get a free side just by signing up, so take your pick! We’ve got everything from avocado toast to French fries.
Do points expire?
Nope – so order, earn and redeem as you please.
Can I transfer points?
Your points are yours and yours only. We’ll soon rollout a feature where you get rewarded for referring your friends and family. Continue to check back for more updates!
When can I redeem my points?
Our tier-based structure allows you to redeem points in increments of 50, 75 or 100. 50 points will get you a free lunch or breakfast side or beverage; 75 points equals a free smoothie, breakfast entrée or kids meal; and 100 points equals a free burger, bowl or salad. So go ahead, redeem away – and do it your way!
And how do I do it?
Login to B.GOOD Rewards, visit the “My Rewards” homepage and select the “Redeem” button on the reward to apply it. From there, you’ll be directed to your location’s menu. Once you select an applicable menu item, the reward will be applied to the order. You can also redeem any applicable reward when you check out.
Under “My Rewards”
When checking out:
Can I redeem my rewards at any B.GOOD location?

Rewards can be redeemed at all U.S. and Canada locations, with the exception of B.GOOD Plainville and Logan Airport. Rewards can’t not be redeemed towards catering orders

Beyond the rewards I accrue, will I still receive offers like I’m used to?
Absolutely! We’ll continue to send offers to the email listed in your profile, and you will be able to view them when ordering online or via the new B.GOOD app. You’ll find your active offers within the “My Rewards” homepage.
What about all those visits I built up over the last few years?
Don’t worry, you will still be rewarded for visiting frequently. Keep an eye on the new offers coming soon! If you were part of the inner circle you’ll still be a part of it.
I’m not seeing my offers?
Make sure you have the latest version of the app and you’re using the right credentials, and keep in mind that there may be a slight delay in receiving offers.

Still not seeing them? Go to “Submit feedback” under the main menu or shoot us an email at feedback@bgoodcares.com.

Why can't I redeem multiple gifts at once?
The app currently doesn’t support multiple gifts in one order.
Do I earn points if I order through third parties?

Unfortunately, B.GOOD Rewards points only accrue when you order through the new B.GOOD app, online ordering, or for catering orders placed by phone or through our website.

You mentioned community partners, what do they receive if I choose to donate my rewards?
Most of our community partners choose to put donated rewards towards B.GOOD food; however, they always have the option of a cash donation equivalent to the food cost. We work closely together to ensure we’re best meeting their needs.
How do I get my birthday reward?
Just sign-up for B.GOOD Rewards and you’ll continue to get your birthday reward. You’ll find your birthday reward under “active offers”. If your reward was active it will migrate to the new app and have the same expiration date.
How do I download the new app?
You can download the iOS app from the Apple App Store or the Android app from the Google Play Store.
What if I have the old B.GOOD app?
When you open the old B.GOOD app, you’ll be prompted to update to the latest version of the app. If you have automatic updates, this will take care of itself, but if you have automatic updates disabled, you will need to go to the App Store, click “Updates” at the bottom and select “Update” next to the B.GOOD app to get the latest version. For Android users, you will find this in the Google Play Store underneath “My Apps and Games.” Once the app is updated and opened, you will provide your email address and will be prompted to verify it. Once verified, you’ll see a sign-up screen – some fields may be pre-filled, but you will be given the option to change anything that’s outdated. At this point, you will also create a password for your account. Click sign-up, and you’re in!
What if I don’t have a smartphone?
You can place an order online by visiting https://order.bgood.com.
Help! I’m having trouble signing in.
Check out the Forgot Password links on the app and online ordering. Hint, your user ID is the email address you used when you enrolled. Still having trouble? Shoot us a note at feedback@bgoodcares.com.
Do I need to sign-up for the loyalty program to order via the app or online ordering?
It’s not a mandatory, but we would encourage you to do so. It’s an effortless way to get rewarded for being good.
Why do I need to enter my credit card information?
We weren’t able to transfer your information over to the new app, but as with our old app, all transactions will continue to be secure and no credit card information is being stored directly.
Okay, so how do I enter my credit card information?
You can manage your payment methods under “Account” in the main menu. Just follow the steps below:
Where can I find my past orders?
All past orders that were placed through your account can be found under “Past Orders” in the main menu. You can easily reorder from here. Unfortunately, we have no way to track orders that were placed as a guest.
Will my offers and gifts from the old app come through to the new app?
Of course! We’ve migrated all your old offers and gifts to the new B.GOOD app. They will show up as “Your active offers” under “My Rewards” homepage.
I have specific dietary restrictions, is there anything important I should know?
You’re not alone! We know that a number of our customer have specific dietary restrictions or preferences, and we’ve updated our app to better meet those needs. When placing an order select your dietary restrictions (i.e. nut-free, dairy-free, etc.) under the navigation menu on the top right. The app will flag any menu items you should be aware of. Beyond that, the app offers flexibility, allowing you to remove any unwanted ingredients and fully customize your order in a way that works for you.
Can I add special instructions to further customize my order?
You bet – you can add special instructions for each menu item before adding it to the cart. Here’s where you can notify us of things like allergies or swap things like parmesan for feta or kale for mixed greens.
How do I know the status of my order?
We know you’re busy, and our status tracker was designed to save you time – making it easy to know when your order has been sent to the kitchen and once it’s ready for pick-up.
Can I use a B.GOOD gift card for an online order?
Unfortunately, not yet, but we are working to make this functionality available soon.
Why didn’t I receive a receipt?
Don’t see an order confirmation email? You can check your past orders or you can always email us at feedback@bgoodcares.com
Can I pay in-store for an online or app order?
All online and app orders must be prepaid.
Is there a reason I’m not able to order certain items?
The availability of menu items varies by store. You’ll know this when a menu item either appears greyed out or does not allow you to order for pick-up ASAP.
How can I change or update my information?
Just go to “Account” under the main menu and follow the steps below:
I have more questions!
And we have more answers 😊 Shoot us an email at feedback@bgoodcares.com. We’d love to hear from you!

FAQ (Catering Rewards)

What about catering orders?

Starting on 10/07 you can get rewarded for your catering orders. Join B.GOOD Rewards using your email associated to your catering account and earn 1 point for every $2 spent in catering orders.

I can’t see the points accrued for my catering order

First of all make sure that your B.GOOD Rewards account is associated to the email you use to place catering orders. We can’t assign points to a different account. Points for catering orders will be assigned after 24 hours. You will be able to see your points for any catering order placed after the date you joined B.GOOD Rewards. Unfortunately, we can’t track previous orders.

All personal information is kept secure. For additional information about our Privacy Policy, please see here.