Our People - B.GOOD

From Farm to Table to You, Sustainably

We grew up in Uncle Faris’s kitchen where he served us, two best friends, the best homemade food. That’s why, years later, we started a business to serve food the same way he did; delicious, homemade, fresh, natural, and made with love. It’s food that respects and connects the community of people who grow, prepare, and eat the food we serve. It’s called food with roots, and we want to share it with you.

Our People

Our Makers

Our Makers care as much as we do about your food. They help ensure your menu features ingredients farmed sustainably, without the use of artificial preservatives, antibiotics, or growth hormones. Makers embody our values: food that’s grown by communities and shared with family and friends.

Our Talent

Great food is food with a story, and people are the root of ours. From our restaurant employees to management trainees and corporate positions, we cultivate talent and create opportunities for growth. We nurture individuals, communities, and ideas. Join our team.

Our Culture

At B.GOOD, we believe better food is key to a better life. Every ingredient is selected and each dish is crafted to enhance your experience of the world around you and its abundance of flavors. People are a part of that experience, so we invest in talent and reward ideas that improve our ability to serve you better. And we believe those ideas can come from anywhere: especially from you. We’re listening. Talk to us.