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Grant Winners

We always aspired to build our business to be a force for good in our communities. But, it wasn’t until our crazy family members started running the Marathon in giant burger suits that we realized we actually had the power to make a real impact. (Incredibly, over 82 running burgers have raised more than $146,000 for charities over the last 8 years.)

Inspired by what we’ve accomplished with those passionate customers, we decided to start a foundation based on the principles they personify. So, this is funded by the grass-roots and innovative efforts that we undertake together with our customers. And it’s designed so that the people who raise the money decide who gets the money.

We’re only in year #5. So, like everything else we’ve done, this will evolve and improve. But, our purpose won’t change. We raise money together and give it to people in our community who use it to do good for others.

Camp Casco

Grant #20: Whitney - Camp Casco 5/2/16 In October 2014, the founding team at Camp Casco realized that Massachusetts was missing something many other states had: a camp specifically for pediatric cancer patients and survivors. The team had...

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Nourishing the North Shore

Grant #19: Pam, Ellie & Nancy - Nourishing the North Shore 1/8/2016 Nourishing the North Shore's mission is to ensure equal access to healthy food for all members of the greater Newburyport community. This spring, Nourishing the...

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Gaining Ground Farm Apprenticeship Program

Grant #18: Doug, Kayleigh, Ryan & Kristin - Gaining Ground Farm Apprenticeship Program 1/8/2016 Gaining Ground is a community, volunteer based farm that donates 100% of all the produce they grow to hunger-relief agencies in in the Greater...

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Fab Lab Hub

Grant #16: Sarah - Fab Lab Hub 1/8/2016 Fab Lab Hub works with volunteers to use 3D-printers to create prosthetic hands to be given away to children and adults otherwise unable to afford them. Even the simplest prosthetic hands can cost tens of...

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B4 Records

Grant #15: Christa, Saheed, and Jair - B4 Records 10/8/2015 Listen to their music & learn more here Our 15th grant went to support local teen leaders like Christa, Saheed, and Jair, who work for B4 Records writing, producing, and recording socially conscious and...

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Sea Change Yoga

Grant #14: Kelly - Sea Change Yoga (Formerly, One Posture at a Time) 10/01/2015 Kelly is a Portland resident and recovered heroin addict for whom yoga was and is a critical part of her recovery. Now an instructor herself, she is passionate about...

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Doctor Be Dancing

Grant #13: Adnan - Doctor Be Dancing 8/28/2015 Adnan embodies what we mean by "inspired individual". At his day job he puts his medical skills to work in the community as a resident anesthesiologist at...

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Science Club for Girls

Grant #12: Lonsdale - Science Club for Girls 8/10/2015 Lonsdale runs Science Club for Girls. She's on a mission to empower young women, particularly from underrepresented communities, to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology,...

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Resilient Coders

Grant #11: David - Resilient Coders 7/12/2015 David founded Resilient Coders to teach underserved and at-risk young people how to code, that is, how to build websites and other software. His goal? To connect high performers to stable careers...

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