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Grant Winners

We always aspired to build our business to be a force for good in our communities. But, it wasn’t until our crazy family members started running the Marathon in giant burger suits that we realized we actually had the power to make a real impact. (Incredibly, over 82 running burgers have raised more than $146,000 for charities over the last 8 years.)

Inspired by what we’ve accomplished with those passionate customers, we decided to start a foundation based on the principles they personify. So, this is funded by the grass-roots and innovative efforts that we undertake together with our customers. And it’s designed so that the people who raise the money decide who gets the money.

We’re only in year #5. So, like everything else we’ve done, this will evolve and improve. But, our purpose won’t change. We raise money together and give it to people in our community who use it to do good for others.

The Food Project

Grant #30 Sutton - The Food Project 4/24/17 Learn more Sutton is leading The Food Project's operation and cultivation of 2 acres of farmland in the Dudley neighborhood of Boston, a place with the classic indicators of a broken food system. We were proud to give them...

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Backyard Growers

Grant #29 Lara - Backyard Growers 4/24/17 Learn more We proudly gave our foundation's largest grant ever -- $35,000 -- to the inspired team at Backyard Growers. 8 years ago, Lara responded to the high cost of quality food for her family by tearing up her lawn and...

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YWCA Cambridge Girls Leadership Collaborative

Grant #28 Simone - YWCA Cambridge Girls Leadership Collaborative 1/20/17 Learn more The Girls Only Leadership Development program and Breakthrough Greater Boston-Cambridge will use their $5,000 grant to develop and implement a two-part financial literacy workshop...

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Ready, Set, Prep

Grant #27 Levy - Ready, Set, Prep 11/7/16 Ready Set Prep is a non-profit focused on helping Black, Hispanic, and low-income community college students maximize their educational and career opportunities. Our 26th grant will support a 25 student pilot of their new...

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Maine Academy of Modern Music

Grant #26 Emilia - Maine Academy of Modern Music 10/24/16 At our second annual Portland Block Party, b.good Maine's customers and partners came together to celebrate summer and raise $4,000 to fund a second grant to a local leader in...

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Sharing the Harvest Community Farm

Grant #25 Emily - Sharing the Harvest Community Farm 7/30/16 (at the Festival on the Farm) Sharing the Harvest Community Farm is a non-profit, volunteer-driven farm that aims to fight hunger on Massachusetts's south coast. Though they host...

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Mission for Children’s Nutrition

Grant #24 Noreen - Mission for Children's Nutrition 7/30/16 (at the Festival at the Farm) Contact Noreen to learn more here Noreen runs a local nutrition and fitness club in Plymouth, MA, and in 2015 it came to her attention that there were children in her town going...

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The Wily Network

Grant #23: Judi - The Wily Network 7/30/16 (at the Festival on the Farm) Youth who grow up in foster care age out of the system just as they begin their college careers. The Wily Network steps in at this critical juncture and provide a support...

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Brookwood Community Farm

Grant #22: Susan - Brookwood Community Farm 7/30/16 (at the Festival at the Farm) Brookwood Community Farm is a nonprofit farm located in Canton, MA (right next to the site of our first Festival at the Farm). They've developed a...

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Charles River Center

Grant #21: Mike - Charles River Center 7/26/16 The Charles River Center will use their $5,000 grant to purchase a shed and coolbot system for their Horticulture Program, which engages individuals with developmental disabilities, such as...

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