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Asian Eats are here!

It’s official, our Asian Eats limited time menu is here! 

Spicy Korean Bowl: roasted watermelon, kimchi, avocado, super grains, spicy slaw, mixed greens, scallions, crispy rice, gochujang aioli 
Korean Burger: beef, kimchi, avocado, lettuce, gochujang aioli 

The new menu items, which incorporate authentic, Korean flavors such as gochujang and kimchi, exemplify how we are pushing the boundaries on fast casual fare. Not only are we bringing kimchi, an ingredient more commonly found on fine dining menus, to the masses, but we’re also offering a kelp-based kimchi from Atlantic Sea Farms, which is one of the most sustainable things to eat. Kelp is a zero-input food source that’s been shown to improve water quality and de-acidify the ocean by removing nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon dioxide. 

Food Ethos 101

Responsible Sourcing, Animal Welfare, and Food Innovation. All three make up our Food Ethos, a subject we find extremely important. So, to explain in a bit more detail (and yes, to show off our bees), we made a little video, our Food Ethos 101. Check it out and see what we believe when it comes to our food.

Delivery through our app!

Did you know that you can now order delivery through our app? That’s right, fill your bag with all of your favorite farm-to-table eats and choose “Delivery” at checkout! Pop in your address and get the farm delivered right to your door.

*terms and conditions may apply.

NEW Flexitarian Burgers!

We’re excited to introduce new burgers that highlight and celebrate the taste of fruits and vegetables, which many guests told us they were interested in. The burgers include vegan, vegetarian, and blended options, so no matter what you’re in the mood for, there’s something you’ll enjoy!

What is a Flexitarian? What is a Flexitarian Burger?

A Flexitarian is someone who eats a plant-based diet most of the time but eats meat or animal products sometimes. You can think of it as a “sometimes vegetarian.” Our Flexitarian Burgers include 3 options that are entirely plant-based and vegetarian and 1 option (Turkey Medley) that is partially plant-based and combines ground turkey with mushrooms.

Why is there a turkey burger along with veggie burgers?

The Turkey Medley is included with the Flexitarian Burgers because it’s a way for people to eat more plants, while not completely giving up meat. It’s 80% turkey and 20% mushrooms. By consuming a little less meat, you’re also supporting the environment! Less meat = less resources used to produce. So, do a little good for the earth and a whole lot of good for your stomach and order one below!

B.GOOD’s Hannah Farm + Camp Harbor View

It’s been about 3 years since we opened Hannah Farm and partnered with one of our favorite organizations, Camp Harbor View. Throughout those 3 years, we’ve been lucky enough to work closely with the camp and campers like Micah. From lessons on the importance of leadership, to learning how to grow their own fresh veggies, we have seen so many of these campers develop into amazing adults and leaders in their communities.

We think that healthy communities start with empowering youth and creating good food systems, so we are thrilled to be affecting both of those in our own backyard, year after year.

Introducing DropSpot!

Introducing, DropSpot! Just order from the convenience of your office through the B.GOOD Rewards app and get FREE delivery, Monday to Friday! Click below for more info.

Our Summer Menu is here feat. Stubb’s® BBQ sauce!

This summer = BBQ. Our Summer Menu is officially here and is inspired by a defining taste of the warm weather months – barbeque. 

Beginning today, a BBQ Chicken Bowl, BBQ Bacon Burger and Strawberry Basil Chill will join our menu: 

  • BBQ Chicken Bowl: black bean corn salsa, cheddar, spicy slaw, romaine, super grains, scallions, Stubb’s BBQ Sauce 
  • BBQ Bacon Burger: cheddar, caramelized onions, Stubb’s BBQ sauce 
  • Strawberry Basil Chill: frozen beverage blended with strawberries, basil and ice 

From Chef Linh:

“Between school vacation, backyard cookouts, the Fourth of July, Labor Day and everything in between, Barbeque is one of the Summer’s best traditions. What better way to bring consumers a B.GOOD spin on this cherished tradition and celebrate its flavors than by partnering with Stubb’s, a brand that’s the epitome of authentic, quality, Texas-style barbeque. Not only is Stubb’s BBQ Sauce a tried and true crowd favorite, but there’s a strong mission alignment between our two brands. We are both committed to offering real products and ingredients, and believe in food that has the power to leave the mind, body and soul feeling good.” 

From our friends at Stubbs:

“My grandfather believed food – his BBQ sauce in particular – had the ability to bring about love and happiness,” said Rocky Stubblefield, Brand Ambassador, Stubb’s. “I’m excited for our company to partner with B.GOOD, a brand that embodies a similar spirit, and bring a flavor of Austin to their menu and fervently loyal guests.” 

So, click on that button below and see how B.GOOD does BBQ!

The new B.GOOD app and Loyalty Program

We chatted with our Head of Digital Strategy, Swetha Subramanian about our new app and loyalty program launch! See below for a little Q&A action.

Why did we update the app?

  • We were using a third party app that didn’t allow us to respond to customer needs quickly.  We were also limited in rolling out new features.  Hence we decided to build our own custom B.GOOD app.  We want our customers to have the best experience possible and we hope the new app delivers that.

What was your main focus?

  • The main focus of the app was to make ordering through the app as easy as possible.  We also wanted to simplify our rewards program to a points based approach.  The points system makes it easier for customers to understand what rewards they can redeem and also how many points they’d need for additional rewards.  Customers also still have the option of donating their rewards to any of the B.GOOD affiliated charities.

What is your favorite part of the new app?

  • I like the fact that I can easily see dietary preferences and nutritionals details for menu items.  I’m following a pretty strict gluten free diet and having the details makes it easy to see what items I can order.

How you see our app compared to others (what makes it better)?

  • Most restaurants use third-party solutions for their apps which limits what they can do and provides a cookie-cutter experience. We decided to invest in building out a custom solution to make sure our customers get the best experience.  This allows us to rollout new features based on customer feedback  such as delivery, corporate ordering, apple pay, venmo etc.

Let’s talk sustainability…

We pride ourselves on our committment to sustainability, but like most businesses, there is room to improve. See below for a quick Q&A from our resident sustainability expert (and Farm Director), Casey Ballin. 

What are we doing to make ourselves more sustainable?

  • So far in 2019, we’ve launched a number of initiatives to improve our sustainability efforts at B.GOOD. We created our first ever Animal Welfare Policy that outlines the welfare of our current proteins and details a five year vision to steer our protein supply towards much stronger welfare policies. Additionally, we have committed to launching a strong single stream recycling program in all of our corporate stores (more details below). Lastly, we are doubling down on local produce this year – working directly with more local farmers in each region to bring in more fresh, local produce. There is much much more in the works for 2019 and beyond, so stay tuned!

Why aren’t we recycling now?

  • We have some exciting news! We plan to have single stream recycling in all of our corporate restaurants by the end of 2019. Why can’t we just have single stream recycling by tomorrow, might you ask? Well, it’s a bit more complicated than one might think. We are working with building management at each location to find the right bin size, placement, pickup schedule, etc., and this just takes time. We are also rolling out a new recycling program in partnership with Recycle Across America. You will notice new labels on our waste bins clearly indicating what materials go in each bin. We are partnering with Recycle Across America to be a part of the movement to standardize recycling labels across the country. Learn more about here.

Any plans for composting?

  • This is something we are looking at. There is a big cost associated with adding composting, and so we are assessing the best move for the business. If we did start composting, we’d start in the kitchen so to capture vegetable scraps that could easily go into a conventional composting system (and therefore you may not notice our composting efforts at first). Finding composters that take recyclable bowls & plastics is a more involved and expensive project. That being said, everything is on the table as we reassess how to make our restaurants better stewards of the environment.

What is the future of sustainability at B.GOOD?

  • The future of Sustainability at B.GOOD is bright! We have a handful of projects going on right now in our Supply Chain and our Restaurants, with more planned for 2020. If you have any specific questions, ideas or just want to learn more, please write into our Customer Service Team!