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Grant Winners

Grant #14: Kelly – Sea Change Yoga (Formerly, One Posture at a Time)

Kelly is a Portland resident and recovered heroin addict for whom yoga was and is a critical part of her recovery. Now an instructor herself, she is passionate about expanding the availability of yoga to those in recovery. So, Kelly put together a partnership between her studio, Maine Hatha Yoga, and One Posture At A Time, a new nonprofit dedicated to bringing yoga to local sober homes, recovery centers, and detoxes. The funds from the b.good grant enabled their newly founded partnership to provide yoga classes at three recovery centers a week for 26 weeks, and offer 80 unlimited monthly memberships at the Maine Hatha Yoga studio for those in recovery who committed to attend class three days a week. Kelly represents the resilient spirit and passionate commitment we look for in inspired leaders.

In the summer of 2016, One Posture at a Time became a part of Sea Change Yoga, an organization dedicated to bringing yoga as a healing tool to those experiencing trauma of all kinds in the Portland area.