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boston globe "I've always wanted to drive an ice cream truck. Growing up, the ice cream man was my hero."
The Boston Globe, July 2010

Nations Restaurant News Loyal customers of the quick-service concept, which specializes in all-natural, hand-packed burgers, hand-cut fries and local salads, are called "cousins."
Nation's Restaurant News, July 2010

boston globe "We started thinking maybe it wasn't real to raise cows in factories.Then, was it real to give them antibiotics and hormones?"
The Boston Globe, June 2010

dedham ma news article "Ten contestants arrived at b.good restaurant at Legacy Place Saturday, Oct. 3 with an appetite for sautéed spinach and a hunger for victory."
Dedham Transcript, October 2009

wbz video "When it comes to vegetables, it doesn't get any more real than growing it yourself"
WBZ TV, May 2009

bgood on chronicle "We sell food that's real."
Chronicle, May 2009

NPR Radio "We want to make sure that we don't go overboard, fill the entire roof up and create a lot of work," he said. "We make burgers; we're not farmers."
Brookline TAB, May 2009

Restaurant & Institution "It's putting the cooking back into quick-service restaurants."
Restaurant & Institutions, October, 2008

Mornning Sun "We expect our customers to be committed enough that they'll risk stomach injuries, permanent esophagus damage … whatever it might be. We want them to really go all out."
Morning Sun, September 2008

Financial Times "It's about real food, made right," says Mr Ackil. "Prepared by people, not machines. It's a restaurant where you can go and trust that the food is fresh, and doesn't contain chemicals."
Financial Times, May 2008

boston magazine B.good's baked low-fat French fries Let's face it: Nothing beats the salty kick of French fries. But darn if they don't widen the waistline. Thankfully, B.good makes a low-fat alternative, hand-cut and baked so they're just 120 calories with 4 grams of fat.
Boston Magazine, May 2007

Rachel Ray Rachel has unearthed mom and pop eateries with fast-food offerings.
Rachel Ray's Tasty Travels, Food Network May 2007

burgers With the combination of wonderfully concocted flavors, sneakily packaged health-consciousness, a friendly family-run feel and a gentle comedown, B.Good's about as good as "good burgers" get.
Boston's Weekly Dig, November 2006

boston magazine This fast-food joint serves burgers, sandwiches, and salads big on flavor and low on nasty trans fats.
Boston Magazine, August 2006

boston magazine Flecked with salt and a secret "southern spice mix", these are nice and crisp, to please the taste buds and the heart.
Boston Magazine, May 2006

boston herald What to order: What b.good does best: a burger.
The Boston Herald, February 2006

best of the new Guilt-free Caesar salads and shakes complement the burgers, but the oven-baked fries make any study break worthwhile.
The Boston Globe, January 2006

the harvard crimson "I have plans to eat here at least once a day," he said. "I set a goal for myself: before I graduate, I want to get through 1,000 burgers."
The Harvard Crimson, November 2005

jon olinto and anthony ackil A healthier take on fast food is headed to Harvard Square.
The Boston Herald, November 2005

no-fry manifesto When we get to the bottom of the little paper dish, we read a no-fry manifesto: "The fries are precious, baked slices of love from potato heaven. We never cook them in recycled, boiling grease. That just wouldn't be right".
The Boston Globe, October 2005

taking to the streets We knew we'd done something good when a pimp in Central Square gave us his approval.
The Improper Bostonian, Fall 2005

boston herald Plus, it plays loud rock 'n' roll. And the staff is young and cool. And it's cheap. No wonder there's a line.
The Boston Herald, September 2005

boston globe magazines best of the new When two childhood friends decided to open a fast-food joint with a healthy twist, they did it just right.
The Boston Globe, March 2005

boston globe We'd sworn off bean burgers for good, until a fierce appetite and a fast-moving lunch line at b.good, a Back Bay burger-salad-sandwich shop, forced us to make a quick decision.
The Boston Globe, February 2005

qsr magazine Big companies don't have this kind of love and energy behind them.
QSR Magazine, February 2005

newbury street and back bay guide Dumpster diving. Reconnaissance missions to extract industry secrets. Standing in line at competing restaurants for extensive amounts of time to read equipment labels in search of an air baker.
Newbury Street and Back Bay Guide, November 2004

boston herald It's hard not to root for this place, which is, in the end, as much about youthful dreams and aspirations as it is about eats.
The Boston Herald, April 2004

NECN B Good is a new fast food restaurant in Boston's Back Bay, but there's a twist. The food is actually healthy.
NECN, TV Diner, April 2004

the south end news Over many a mediocre fast food meal, the dynamic duo tossed around everything from cigar vending machines to skateboard arenas to massage parlors. Turns out the answer was right in front of their faces, literally. Fast food reinvented.
South End News, March 2004

the phantom gourmet When I think of health food I think of tasteless granola, tofu, soy cheese, you won't find any of that here.
Phantom Gourmet, March 2004

the boston globe The mission for b.good is to beat Ronald McDonald, Grimace, and Mayor McCheese at their own game by making fast food that tastes good and is good for you.
The Boston Globe, March 2004

our hamburger We don't want to be a place that's just hopping on a passing trend.
The Boston Globe, February 2004

jon olinto At lunchtime, we are working behind the counter and look up and see a line back to the door and we know we are actually doing things right
The Patriot Ledger, February 2004

the daily free press Everyone said, "Don't do it." But there's a void in the marketplace for something like this.
The Daily Free Press, February 2004

boston phoenix Eat your heart out, Jared.
The Boston Phoenix, Winter 2004

boston herald We wanted to show people that low-fat food doesn't have to mean tofu with roasted vegetables.
The Boston Herald, January 14, 2004

improper bostonian We're not health freaks. I love McDonald's -- I just don't like how I feel afterward.
The Improper Bostonian, November 2003