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Grant Winners

We always aspired to build our business to be a force for good in our communities. But, it wasn’t until our crazy family members started running the Marathon in giant burger suits that we realized we actually had the power to make a real impact. (Incredibly, over 82 running burgers have raised more than $146,000 for charities over the last 8 years.)

Inspired by what we’ve accomplished with those passionate customers, we decided to start a foundation based on the principles they personify. So, this is funded by the grass-roots and innovative efforts that we undertake together with our customers. And it’s designed so that the people who raise the money decide who gets the money.

We’re only in year #5. So, like everything else we’ve done, this will evolve and improve. But, our purpose won’t change. We raise money together and give it to people in our community who use it to do good for others.

The Giving Garden

Grant #10: Scot - The Giving Garden 5/22/2015 Since 2013, Scot has organized a volunteer project in his community up in Nashua, NH called "The Giving Garden". Growing food since Spring of 2013, the space is a 4,000 square...

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Framingham DROP the Bottle

Grant #9: Matt - Framingham DROP the Bottle campaign 1/6/2015 Matt is a local high school student inspired by his AP Environmental Science class to find a way to decrease plastic and water waste and improve public water infrastructure in...

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Bill at Project New Hope

Grant #8: Bill at Project New Hope 10/4/2014 In September, the b.good family voted in Bill and his organization, Project New Hope, as our 8th grant winner. Project New Hope's motto is "Where Veterans Rebuild with Honor." With our grant of...

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Turners Falls Skatepark

Grant #7: Turners Falls Skatepark 6/22/2014 In spring 2014, Bryan was a runner-up for our 5th grant. But, his heartfelt grant application describing his project to build a skatepark for needy kids in his town...

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Movement Mends

Grant #6: Movement Mends 6/22/2014 Like Bryan (above), the other runner-up for our 5th grant was equally compelling. We just weren't going to feel right if we didn't support Jerusha's passion and commitment to work with kids who...

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Nourish Boston

Grant #5: Nourish Boston 5/17/2014 In May, the b.good family voted in Nourish Boston as our 5th grant winner. Since 2013, they've been a local non-profit dedicated to fostering healthy living in under-served communities in Boston. Their mission...

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Food Link

Grant #4: Food Link (formerly the Food Recovery Project) 1/10/2014 Thanks to the vote of the b.good family, we gave our 4th grant to Julie and DeAnne, the founders of Food Link, formerly known as The Food Recovery Project. Started in March 2012, the...

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Groundwork Somerville

Grant #3: Groundwork Somerville 10/30/2013 "Healthy food is hard to get". That's what it says on this mural behind the gardening beds at Groundwork Somerville. And that's what our foundation's 3rd grant winner is trying to fix. Yes, thanks...

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Ultimate Sports Program

Grant #2: Ultimate Sports Program 5/21/2013 The family has spoken, and the winner of our first grant is the Ultimate Sports Program! Steve Berube and his son, Sean, founded the Ultimate Sports Program over eight years ago with the goal of promoting...

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Richard Family Fund

Grant #1: Richard Family Fund 4/29/2013 Today, we officially gave our foundation's first grant to the Richard family by depositing $6,252 into their account at Meetinghouse Bank in Dorchester. In light of the tragic events of Marathon Monday,...

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