The Others

    2006 Week with El Tio Champ
    We chauffered one of our beloved family members around for a week in the greatest "company vehicle" ever owned. Meet the courageous man who spent a week in our passenger seat.

    2005 Garlicky-Greens Eating Champ
    We were the pathetic losers in our own garlicky-greens (sautéed spinach eating contest. The worst part... we lost to a skinny, 4'11", 98 lb., female vegetarian. The pain cuts deep since she eats here free for life.

    2006 Garlicky-Greens Eating Champ
    We sat out of this year's garlicky-greens eating championship (Yes, we're sad). And it's a good thing we did since this psychotic human spinach-vacuum was in it.

    2007 Week with El Tio Champ
    The mighty El Tio defeated the odds, our stupidity, and rush-hour traffic to successfully deliver our winner, Sammy, to Ipswich High School on time for his first class and then back home for dinner.

    2007 Garlicky-Greens Eating Champ
    His dominant ingestion didn't just earn him a year of free burgers and our genuine championship belt. It made him the greatest sautéed spinach eater in the history of Earth.

    2008 Garlicky-Greens Eating Champ
    When this professional competitive eater entered, we knew this year's garlicky-greens eating championship would be special.

    2009 Garlicky-Greens Eating Champ
    Last year, in our 5 annual garlicky-greens eating world championship, Pretty Boy came into our house, pushed us around, and took what was ours.

    2010 Garlicky-Greens Eating Champ
    In our 7th annual Garlicky-Greens Eating Championship, a 95 lb., math-teaching vegan chewed the life out of everything and everyone to become the greatest sauteed-spinach eater on earth.

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