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Our New Menu is here!

So, you’ve noticed some changes to our menu. Maybe your go-to order has changed, or you don’t know if a new item is compliant with your diet or allergies. 

Miss your old favorite? See below for some of Chef Linh’s menu suggestions!

Miss your West Side? The Guacamole is a no brainer!

Miss your Cousin Oliver? Check out The Classic. It’s a similar build with a new secret sauce on top.

Miss your Adopted Luke? Check out the Mushroom & Swiss – you can even add BBQ sauce if you’d like!

Miss your El Guapo? Sriracha Chicken has a similar flavor profile – and you can always swap the protein!


Thai Noodle Salad (vegan)
tofu, zucchini noodles, spicy slaw, romaine, pecans, cilantro, spicy coconut dressing

Kids’ Spaghetti & Meatballs
Zucchini noodles, eggplant meatballs, parmesan, marinara

Super Green Smoothie
mixed greens, kale, cucumber, apple, chia, lemon


What are the biggest changes with the menu?

We made some small changes to existing products, introduced some new ones and said goodbye to a few tired ones. The thing we’re most excited about? Our new chicken sandwich platform, which features four delicious sandwiches. There’s something for everyone – whether you want something approachable, like the Chicken Avocado sandwich, or something that plays on global-inspiration, like the Sriracha Chicken sandwich. These craveworthy options are a far cry  cluck from the average chicken sandwich!

Why the change?

Providing our customers with options that best suit their lifestyles and needs is of utmost importance, and after combing through extensive customer feedback and survey results, it’s become clear that we serve a diverse range of dietary preferences. The bulk of changes were made to help us better balance these needs – while always remaining true to our mission of serving great tasting food that people feel good about eating.

Additionally, we know that when it comes to meal time, you don’t always want to make yet another decision. Our new chef-inspired menu leaves those decisions to, well, the chef. But as always, anything is fully customizable to best suit your specific needs. So while we may recommend the beef patty with our burger builds, go ahead and swap it for a veggie or turkey patty if that’s more your style.

Can I still customize and make my meal the way I want it?

You bet! While our new menu features chef-inspired dishes, everything is fully customizable – whether you want to swap proteins or grains, add ingredients you love or remove ones you don’t! If you’re ordering through the app, simply uncheck the item(s) you don’t want, choose any of the add-ons available and more. Ordering at one of the restaurants? Just ask a team member to help you make the necessary adjustments.

And can I still build-my-own burger?

While we would highly encourage one of Chef Linh’s creations, fear not – if you want to build your own burger, you still have that option by choosing a protein, bun and add-ons.

If you don’t know where to begin with our chef-inspired options, we would encourage the Chicken Avocado or The Classic for something more approachable or the Sriracha Chicken or Power Play for something more adventurous. Like before, you still have the option to choose a beef, chicken, veggie or turkey patty – the default option is just what we would recommend!

But I miss my…
  • Cousin Oliver: check out The Classic. It’s a similar build with a new secret sauce on top.
  • Adopted Luke: check out the Mushroom & Swiss – you can even add BBQ sauce if you’d like!
  • West Side: the Guacamole is a no brainer.
  • El Guapo: Sriracha Chicken has a similar flavor profile – and you can always swap the protein!
What’s in the veggie patty?

The response has been overwhelmingly positive to our new veggie patty! It’s got more vegetables – like kale, carrots, roasted bell peppers and portobello mushrooms – and the best part? It’s also vegan and gluten-free for more people to enjoy!

Okay so what’s special about the chicken sandwiches?

Our new chicken sandwiches feature four different flavor profiles and we believe there’s something for everyone. But more importantly, great tasting chicken sandwiches begin with good quality ingredients – and these sandwiches deliver just that. Not only is our chicken grilled, all-natural and antibiotic-free, but it’s marinated overnight and grilled in-store. Our slaws are made fresh in-house daily and our toppings are clean and sourced locally whenever possible. You’ll want to embrace your comfort zone with these new sandwiches.

What are the new products besides the chicken sandwiches?

We’re excited to add a new salad and smoothie to our core menu. Our Thai Noodle Salad is a flavorful crunchy salad made with fresh zucchini noodles, spicy slaw, tofu, romaine, cilantro, pecans and a delicious spicy coconut dressing. And for those interested in a healthier, low carb, low calorie smoothie with no added sugar, we think you will love our new Super Green – which is made with mixed greens, kale, apple, cucumber, lemon and chia.

Additionally, we have two burgers – the Mushroom & Swiss and Guacamole – that are new and improved twists on old favorites.

What’s the scoop on the light wheat bun?

We heard your feedback and went searching for a better version of our buns – one that has the perfect flavor, texture and balance of white and whole wheat flour. We’re excited to bring a new artisanal bun that perfectly complements our burgers and sandwiches – and on top of that, offers 10g of protein.

Can I still choose my grain for bowls?

Of course! Chef Linh has recommended one for each, but by all means, swap between quinoa and super grains as you please. Choosing quinoa is an easy way to make your bowl gluten-free.

What happened to the Power Bowl?

It’s still there – it’s simply got a new identity! Meet the Sunnyside Harvest Bowl, which features the same mix of Brussel sprouts, crunchy chickpeas, egg, kale, super grains and red wine vinaigrette that you know and love.

Why did you change my Spicy Avocado & Lime Bowl?

A growing number of our customers are adopting vegan or flex diets, and it’s important that we offer dishes that fit into their varying lifestyles. Knowing the Spicy Avocado & Lime Bowl is a universal favorite, we made some minor changes so that it can likewise be enjoyed by our vegan, dairy-free and low-sodium loving friends too! The good news? It still has the same great flavor you know and love. Not to mention, if you miss the cheese and chipotle purée, you can always add those on! For cheese, we’re happy to offer feta or shredded cheddar.

Where can I find the nutritional information of my order?

When ordering through our app or online ordering you can see the specific nutritionals when you select an item, including calories, carbohydrates, fat, cholesterol, sodium, fiber and protein. If you customize an order, keep in mind that the nutritionals will not change, but it’s an update that we’re hoping to rollout in the near future! For a full view of our nutritionals you can check here.

I have specific food allergies. What can I eat?

The good news is that many of these menu changes were made with you in mind! Wherever possible, we’ve included at least one vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free option in each category. We also have a user-friendly allergen sheet available, which lists the ingredients that are prepared with other common allergens (i.e. eggs, milk, wheat, soybean) to help you best meet your dietary needs.

I’m so sad to see wraps leave the menu!

We understand – the good news is that we still have the builds you love in salad form, and we’re confident you’ll find something you love in one of our burgers or chicken sandwiches.

Talk to me about the kids menu – has anything changed?

We’re thrilled to now offer a kids version of our beloved Spaghetti & Meatball Bowl, made with eggplant meatballs and zucchini noodles. We’ve also swapped our broccoli for hand-cut carrot sticks based on feedback from our network of parents. That said, we know that kids don’t all have the same palates, so we’re happy to offer sautéed veggies if that’s more your kid’s speed.

Have there been any changes to the sides?

Like the rest of the menu, we some small changes to existing products, said goodbye to a few tired ones and introduced some new ones. To help streamline the ordering process, our side salads are now available in two varieties, Harvest Kale or Caesar, and the Eggplant Meatballs are only available in a quantity of 4. While we got rid of the Avocado, Black Bean & Corn Salsa, we’re thrilled to now offer a premium Avocado Toast topped with bacon and an egg.

What about catering?

You’ll notice similar changes in our catering menu as our main menu. The best part? Our new chicken sandwiches our available there too – check it out here.

Will you still have seasonal items?

Absolutely! An important part of serving “Food with Roots” is drawing inspiration from local harvests and cooking seasonally. Keep an eye for our summer seasonal menu, which will hit stores soon!

Similarly, are ingredients still coming from local vendors?

We remain committed to our mission of serving Food With Roots, and local ingredients and partnerships are a key part of that mission. Check out our local boards the next time you’re in-store to learn more about the roots of your food!

Got more questions?

We’d love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at