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Grant #24 Noreen – Mission for Children’s Nutrition
7/30/16 (at the Festival at the Farm)
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Noreen runs a local nutrition and fitness club in Plymouth, MA, and in 2015 it came to her attention that there were children in her town going to bed hungry. In response, she organized clients and friends to serve as volunteers, solicited donations from organizations like the Rotary Club and The Greater Boston Food Bank, and created a weekly program that filled back-packs full of food for kids to take home. As of the spring of 2016 she was serving 70 families a month through the program, but funding for and donations of fresh produce only lasted for the first half of each month. The $5,000 from our grant will enable Noreen to purchase fresh produce for the next 1.5 years of the program and will give her the stability she needs to seek larger, longer term support.