The Geniuses

    Veggie Jackson
    We put a farm in the heart of downtown Boston. (It's a hydroponic shipping container farm that we dropped under Rt. I-93.) Meet the genius who named our veggie-growing baby, Veggie Jackson.

    Cousin Oliver
    Our classic house-ground, hand-packed burger has a weird name. Here's the story and the guy who eats it free forever.

    Adopted Luke
    We have a beautiful burger named Adopted Luke. Here's the woman who named and it and the reason why she'll be eating it free for the rest of her life.

    El Guapo
    We call our bacon burger "El Guapo" thanks to 2 special men. Here's their story and the reason they're eating it free for an entire year.

    Inspired by the loss of their beloved pet guinea pig, Erik and Andrea's "Hatchback" earned this salad-naming tag-team free ones for a year.

    El Tio
    We bought a used 1979 El Camino. After having it towed off the lot, we got it pimped out with flames, b.good logos, and pictures of Uncle Faris' head. Then, we asked a customer to name it. Meet the man who named her "El Tio" and got the keys for a weekend.

    We bought a weird, 28-year-old ice cream truck so we could spend the summer driving around passing out free shakes. Meet the man who named it "Harvey" (and drank free shakes for the summer.)

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