Volunteer Month In Connecticut

We’ve always wanted to help the communities we’re in get better. So, we teamed up with our community partner, Community Plates, to make March Volunteer Month in Connecticut.

All month long, you can become the link between businesses with extra food and the nonprofits who need it. To show you how, we made a video (check it out below).

If you do help out, we’ll make sure we show you some love. While you’re on your “food run”, post a picture with the hashtag #bgooddoesgood, and we’ll send a FREE burger, bowl, or salad on your app.

So, here’s what you need to do:

1. Sign up for a food run here if you’re Fairfield County, and here if you’re in the greater Hartford Area

2. Post about your food run with #bgooddoesgood

3. We’ll send a free burger, bowl, or salad your way

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