Casey + Joe run a marathon! - B.GOOD

They tell you how to train, they tell you all the strategies to run the actual race – but they don’t tell you how to walk after it’s all over! I can’t make it up a flight of stairs without clutching onto a railing.

Just a few days ago, I ran the 2018 Boston Marathon! It was my first ever marathon. With only 47 days to train, it was a bit of a last-minute attempt at a race I’d always been interested in running. When I was a little kid, my family would go out to Wellesley to watch the race. As I got older and moved up to Maine for college, I somewhat forgot the city’s pride during the Boston Marathon.

It didn’t take long to remember.

Even in the 40-degree weather, with gushing winds and the skies occasionally unleashing on us, fans lined the 26.2 miles route. Screaming their heads off, handing out oranges and snacks, and waving signs. They cheered and encouraged all the runners as if each of us were about to win the whole thing.

I found out on February 28th that I had a bib to the 2018 Boston Marathon. The race was only 6 weeks away, so the 26.2 miles felt a little more daunting – but I’m young and generally in good shape, so I figured I could take it on.

Furthermore, this was a chance to run a marathon in my hometown to support two important organizations that are close to my heart, B.GOOD and Camp Harbor View (CHV). Although I wouldn’t be able to wear a burger suit during the actual race (like previous B.GOOD runners have), I was proud to run for a company that has done so much GOOD in the Boston community. My co-worker, and co-B.GOOD marathon runner, Joe Ackil often says, “At B.GOOD, we hope to make our community a little better because we are there.” This is true in the food we serve, the local farmers and producers we partner with, and the community organizations we support.

In July of 2016, we took our support of Boston’s local community organizations to the next level with the opening of Hannah Farm. In partnership with Camp Harbor View, a summer camp for underserved inner-city Boston youth, we opened Hannah Farm to not only grow food for the camp and B.GOOD restaurants, but to also serve as an educational platform for members of our community.  To get their hands dirty and learn where their food comes from. To date, we have grown over 20,000lbs of vegetables, worked with over 350 volunteers and hosted 50+ CHV campers on the farm.

We just opened Hannah Farm for its third season last week. 2018 is sure to bring even more good. We are expanding our youth programming with the CHV campers, hiring more CHV Leaders in Training to work on the farm and plan to grow even more food.

It was an honor to run and raise money for Camp Harbor View. The camp’s commitment to the youth and the experience they create is like no other. I look forward to another year of growing this partnership and learning together.

I also want to extend an invite out to the Boston community to come join us on the farm. We host volunteers every day here on the island and we love to share our knowledge and experience from Hannah Farm. If you’re interested, visit our page here for more information.

I am headed back out to the farm this morning, with my legs still a little shaky. I know one thing for sure though… they definitely don’t tell you how to farm immediately after a marathon!

Casey Ballin, Director B.GOOD Hannah Farm