B.GOOD opens in Houston, Texas! - B.GOOD

We are officially open in Houston, Texas and couldn’t be more thrilled to bring our #FoodWithRoots to y’all! The owner of B.GOOD Houston, Juan signed onto the B.GOOD team last year. It has always been Juan’s passion to open a restaurant. However, this dream was put on pause when his son was born with life-threatening complications that lead Juan and his wife, Veronica to move from Mexico to Boston, where doctors diagnosed their son with two of the rarest genetic disorders in the world.

Juan’s first experience with B.GOOD was in February 2016 while living in Boston. He and his wife decided to give it a try, knowing nothing about the restaurant except that it met his dietary needs as a vegan and allergic to gluten, despite offering all-natural, grass-fed meat options for his wife. They grew to admire the B.GOOD brand as it is healthy, wholesome food sourced from local farmers. Juan’s commitment to his health changed his life, and he wants to share those values with as many people as possible. The necessity for the best medical treatment for their son landed their family in Houston, and now the family is bringing their favorite restaurant with them.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Juan in the B.GOOD family and to be able to bring our food down to Texas! And, make sure you’re B.GOOD Houston, Texas on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

-The B.GOOD Team