B.GOOD + Freight Farms - B.GOOD

Incredibly excited to share B.GOOD is officially partnering with the innovative folks over at Freight Farms! Located right here in Boston, Freight Farm manufactures the Leafy Green Machine™, a hydroponic shipping container farm. If you’re not an expert on hydroponic farming, Freight Farms essentially turns shipping containers into highly technical (and very efficient) hydroponic farms (hydroponic meaning growing plants in a nutrient rich soil/root substitute).

Starting now, Freight Farms will be bringing us Bibb lettuce for ALL our Cousin Oliver burgers in New England
. And, because the Leafy Green Machine™ functions completely independent from the weather, it is able to grow produce year-round! That’s right, if you order a Cousin Oliver burger up here in the northeast, the Bibb lettuce used is coming from Boston’s best hydroponic shipping container farm right in Hyde Park! Read more about our exciting new partnership here!