650 Burgers and Kale Crush smoothies later… - B.GOOD

Last Friday was one of the best days of the year for us at B.GOOD. Why? Because last Friday was annual “Burger Day” at Mather Elementary School! Mather Elementary School is one of our original community partners. “Burger Day” is one day a year when we pack up our grills and blenders, and drive over to the school in Dorchester, MA to serve burgers and smoothies for lunch to every student!

Each year, we are greeted with the same question from students, “wait, is it burger day today?” followed by a giant smile (and sometimes an excited scream) when we say “yes!” This year was no different. Seeing every student’s face light up when they see the B.GOOD logo and realize what’s about to happen to lunchtime is priceless.

We learned a couple new and interesting facts about Mather Elementary School this year. The most noteworthy being that they are the oldest public elementary school in North
America! Pretty cool, right? We are so happy to be able to support such an amazing, longstanding and local organization.

Until next year,
The B.GOOD Team